While we strongly encourage students to begin the season with us, we do accept students in recital classes until February 1st. Non recital classes and summer classes are always open for enrollment.
We do offer sibling discounts. The second child receives a 30% discount and each additional dancer receives a 60% discount.
Students who are unable to attend class for whatever reason, are encouraged to speak with their instructor or the office staff what class would be appropriate to make up the missed class. Tuition is not reduced due to absenteeism or inclement weather closings.
FDC is happy to offer a variety of classes both non recital and recital. To enhance the student and family experience, we do ask that students enrolled in recital classes to participate. The office staff is happy to assist you in creating a schedule that best reflects your family’s desires and goals.
Yes! We have closed circuit cameras in each classroom and you can, therefore, observe classes in the lobby each week. This way you can watch with no interruption or distraction to the classes in session.
A detailed schedule for the entire year will be distributed during the first week of classes. You can also view the schedule online under ‘Calendar’.
No worries! Our staff are seasoned professionals and are equipped to handle this situation. Most students settle into the routine of class after 2-4 weeks of class. On occasion, it may be best for a child to try again in 6 months.
The classes grouped by age are simply generalized suggestions. It is recommended that you book a trial class for us to place your dancer in the correct class for his/her experience.


a life-long love of dance

At Fusion Dance Center we are committed to facilitating our students belief in themselves, the realizations of their dreams and goals, and the acknowledgement that nothing is impossible if they have passion and are determined to work hard and persevere. Whether their goal is to perform on stage for the first time, or they wish to pursue a professional dance career, we provide equal opportunities for our dancers to advance in their dance training and achieve success in their personal endeavors. Our aim is to foster a life-long love of dance and provide life lessons that will instill invaluable principles and self-standards that will be utilized in all facets of their lives.

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