Our Values


Through love we positively share our knowledge and passion, while aiming to inspire our dancers to love one another & share their affection for dance & each other, thus, growing everyone’s love of dance. We love all parts of our students (shortcomings, strengths, quirks), by doing so, our dancers feel valued and safe to push beyond their limiting beliefs.


Teachers strive to build trust with students by showing dancers that they can rely on them by encouraging them during the growth process. Through the highs & the lows, twists & turns, our staff remains enthusiastic and continually searches for new ways to teach & inspire students.


We earn respect from our dancers by giving them respect. In valuing each dancer’s abilities and achievements (however big/small) and by being prepared for every class with punctuality & professionalism, we work to obtain the esteem and regard of all students. It is important we model the behavior we desire from our dancers.


In every class, students will be propelled and pushed to stretch beyond what they believe are their capabilities. We will push ourselves to innovate and bring new and different challenges for them to overcome and learn from.


Our dancers achieve excellence because they accept the encouragement to consistently and constantly push their levels of drive, determination, & execution. They accept these challenges because their confidence has been built by the love and respect they are shown by their teachers.
Excellence is provided at every age, every level, in every class.